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Blister Sealing




The New PRO PACK® B6X9 Blister/Tray Sealing Machine is ready to go to work right out of the box. Just plug it in connect it to your air and start packaging your product from one piece prototypes to as many as 500,000 pieces per year or more!

With instant tooling changeover these machines are ideally suited for short and long run packaging production. With the balanced heat platen, automatic thermostat, and self-aligning pressure system you are assured the proper sealing of materials every time.

This machine is small enough to fit on a desktop, quiet enough for the office/lab and does the job of machines costing thousands of dollars more.


Skin Packaging




A full automatic cycle industrial grade machine with full manual override controls.

User friendly operation allows for high production or simple one-of-a-kind or test packaging. The high efficiency oven provides the fastest cycle with a minimum of energy. User friendly analog controls eliminate any need to access computers or programs.

The PRO PACK® Skin Pack 12X18 is a solid, basic, commercial skin packaging machine.

The affordable skin packaging machine without giving up industrial grade standards

Vacuum Forming



The 420 VF Series provides the ultimate in versatility for vacuum forming and skin packaging. By combining two complete vacuum systems, a high volume turbine and positive displacement (surge tank), the 420 VF Series can do the work of two machines. The 420 VF can do plastic vacuum forming because of the strong vacuum created by the high volume turbine.

Vacuum forming is a versatile method of molding plastic (film) into a specific shape. Vacuum forming can be used to produce a wide variety of plastic objects such as blisters or trays. The process requires a heat source to soften the plastic sheets and a source of vacuum to "draw" the plastic into the required form.

Hole Punches

MP3 Manual Punch

AP3 Automatic Punch

Choose from several standard punch dies or we can manufacturer custom punch dies for your special project. With standard punches, standard cards and standard blisters, you will have a low cost packaging system that will grow with your needs!

Automatic Hole Punch Machine is a simple way to punch hang holes, slots or rounding corners on your printed carded packaging. Also great for cuttting out shapes, forms, or parts in plastic, paper, foam, leather, and a variety of other materials and applications

Die Cutting

Hydrualic Die Cutting Press

Steel Rule Dies

The die changeover system drop in tooling significantly reduces downtime during job changes. Simply lift the die up and out, drop a new die into place.

HANNAN® can create your steel rule die to match your specific requirements and needs -- from simple trim dies to complex multi-unit, cavity, and gasket dies.


Dies / Sealing Fixtures

Steel Rule Dies

Sealing Fixtures

Sealing Trays

HANNAN® can create your steel rule die to match your specific requirements and needs -- We also offer Standard Diamond Dies in stock

Incorporated into the Sealing fixtures are HANNANPAK® smooth acting registration pins and HANNANPAK® seal flange material.

HANNAN® Medical Tray Sealing fixtures can be made to fit virtually any machine.

Instant Sealing Fixtures

Card Locators

Sealing Inserts

Stock Blisters

Positions your card and blister during the blister sealing cycle

Build your own fixture, you place your sealing insert where you want it.

Choose from a selection of 80 standard blisters, to inexpensively create your own custom configuration.


Blister / Skin Cards

Custom Skin Cards

Custom Blister Cards

HANNAN® manufactures a wide variety of Skin Card Materials. From standard duty HANNANPAK® non-perf materials for small or light weight product to heavy-duty HANNANPAK® Chip-Cor® for large or heavy product. HANNANPAK® Skin Cards can be printed to your specifications or may be provided as white blanks or solid color blanks.

HANNAN® manufactures a wide variety of Blister Card Materials. From standard duty HANNANPAK® Blister Cards can be printed to our specification. Two-Piecetrap blister or Folded-Over configeration are also advilable for our custom applications. May be provided as white blanks or solid color blanks.

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