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620H Hydraulic Die Machinery

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610R2 Roller Die Machinery

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HANNAN® manufactures a full line of die press cutting machines Made in the U.S.A.  A "die cutter" can be best understood as in industrial "cookie cutter" for foam, rubber, or die board. Not only does a die cutter cut out shapes, but it can also cut out holes or corners -- ALL at ONE TIME -- no handling or extra steps. From the simple Hole Punch machines and heavy duty pass through roller type presses, to the sophisticated simplicity of HANNAN® hydraulic die cutting machinery. HANNAN Hydraulic die cutters are available with cutting capacities from 60 to 100 tons. This power allows HANNAN Hydraulic press machines to cut an extreme variety of materials. HANNAN also makes steel rule cutting dies -- Contact your HANNAN representative to get a die quote for your die cutting machine.




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