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420T Skin packer, Shrink packaging / Stretch packaging / Stretch Packaging

420T Skin Packaging

411T Skin packer
405T Skin packaging

405T Skin Packaging

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Economy  °  Efficiency  ° Productivity

Hannan Skin Packaging Machines are the most popular skin packaging machines in the skin packaging industry.  This position in the skin packaging industry has been earned!  Over  years of production and service in an extreme variety of industries, Hannan skin packaging machinery has proven itself to be the BEST skin packaging machines made.

  • Versatility

  • Energy Efficiency

  • User Friendly

  • Durability

Dollar for Dollar, Feature for Feature,
the Best Machine you can Get!

HANNAN® manufactures a full line of machinery, materials and tooling

  • Over 40 years of manufacturing excellence

  • Production proven designs  in skin packaging machines, skin packaging processes and tooling

  • Extensive experience in skin packaging and in depth knowledge of skin and blister carded packaging processes




About Skin Packaging

    The solution to many  simple display packaging requirements is "skin packaging". "Skin Packaging" is also known as "shrink packaging". Skin packaging is simple, cost-effective, and produces an impressive,  effective, professional looking packaging of the product. HANNAN® can supply the machinery and supplies for  all your skin packaging requirements.

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